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killereyes65 [userpic]


September 9th, 2008 (11:53 pm)

its almost midnight tuesday night. i have class at 3. so far i have been able to keep up with the readings but my social problems class is really worrying me. im just not getting what he is trying to do. he hasnt touched the book and has us read all these other readings from the eaarly 1900's to get a better understanding of social society and its workings. i am not a political person and i dont understand all these terms and i am quite concerned about the testing for this class. i must maintain a b average to amintain my scholoarship. its not like i can go to the tutopring sessions because he is not using the book. my notes dont even make sence to me. i am using dictionary.cpom like no tomorrow and still not getting the point. this and religion are the 2 hardest classes so far. the priest teaching relgion tells me not to worry it will come together and i will understand it but i dont. i know the first 5 books of moses and some of the prophets that go along with it. i have no clue about jeseus and catholisims. other than that im doing ok. i like my classes. i am starting to meet people in my classes which is good. i still fell like the old hag but at least people are talking to me now. the freshman seminar class is bullshit,. we have to do 5 hours of community service and then write a paper about it. we have a paper due every month on bullshit. your experience so far. how can you be a better student, what have you learned abotj your self. if you cant tell im a little frustrated. just taking the days as they come. class by class. the one good thing is im doing my homework and jake see it so he is doing his. thats a big plus. i fought with him all last year about homework. if i stay on track and can hold my class load he and will graduate teh same year. him from high school me from college. but im not thinking that far ahead i just want to get thru the semester. i have so much to do its not funny. time manaegment is not one of my strong points. and this damn rlc is so addicting. i have managed to not be on for a few nights becausei have priorities now nadn real life takes precident.  ok im done ranting. thanks for listening and putting up woth my bad speklling.