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killereyes65 [userpic]

in between classes

September 11th, 2008 (01:22 pm)

current location: quiet study room
current mood: anxious

so here i am in between classes.  i have an hour and a half on tues and thurs.  just realizing how much work i have this weekend. i have my first real paper to do and again tons of reading. sept 23rd is the first exam in social problems. he said essay, great. i dont understand the calss at all.  thanks to the office of disabillities i have an alternate test area and more time but i dont know if i can pass this one. he has done so much outside reading. and even today we were supposed to read a achapter and discuss it and we went off  on a tangent about pharmeceuticla companies and big bussiness running the government.  it was a chapter about unemployement and work ethic in america.  my psych class and social work class seem to be the only ones not giving me a real hard time. the university 100 bullshit calss is ridiculous we do nothing. and its 2 hours long. we have to read al gores book on global warming and write a book report. plus journal entries. religion is giving me a so so time. i started to understand the lecture last night but i dont understand the accountablility journals he wants written. looks like its time for a phone call to him since i dont have email for him. tomorrow i get to play lab rat for a psych grad student. we are required to do 3 tests with grad students to fulfill our class credit. going to talk to the professor about extra credit just in case. i am not good at this time management thing. i write things down in the calendar and then forget to read it.  missed a soical work department meeting yesterday and i was on campus early too to go the library for religion. this is the end of week 3 only 12 more to go. im not taking my anxiety meds this week, they arent working anyway, but i still feel overwhelmed anad dont see how im keeping up. thanks Bek for helping with teh crossword i really appreciate it. if i get these stupid crossword puzzles done for religion thats 5 extra credit points. everyone said school was going to be hard and it is  but now they are all saying marywood is even harder. that maybe i should have gone to the university of scranton instead. but i didnt want to go there, they dont  have a social work department. i think i need a drink, bu ti have no time. geeeeez is thing rant long enough????


Posted by: Lea (downandup)
Posted at: September 11th, 2008 06:07 pm (UTC)

dudet you are doing ace! your class chums will be finding it hard as well.

A tip for you reflective journals are good for venting the good and not so good, but what the tutors look for when they mark is what you think you can improve on and how you think you can improve and do things differently.

hold up your hands to your head of faculty or department and say yout time management is shite, and can they help you a bit, see if the disability unit have anyone who can spend a hour or so a week with you to ensure you understand what is expected from you.
do the best you feel personably able to do, remember to relax and chill out or you will burn and crumble,

you are amazing, and I am kicking your butt from accross the atlantic, get classes taken and remember the most importatn thing and that is to breathe!

love Jew!


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